Two Tins of Biscuits
Written about a street dweller I met in London who was an ex-Marine

Precious Times
About those special moments of our youth when we had not a care in the World.

Sunshine Street
Inspired by the Village I grew up in and our preconceptions about rural life.

The Men With Strong Arms
Dedicated to the working class Men of the Industrial Revolution.

Ain't You got it all
A stab at the big Bankers, the Banking Crisis and greed in general.

A song of lost Love and lost Sleep, two things I believe go hand in hand.

Late Walk Home
My memories of walking home late when I was a child and the fears we carry into adulthood.

600,000 Hours
Song about a long lasting relationship, inspired by my Parents.

Sing a Song of Sixpence
My take on the traditional Nursery Rhyme with some interesting additional lyrics

Along with Others
An anti-war song about those left behind during the two great wars and those who returned never to be the same.