Sunshine Street
Inspired by the Village I grew up in and our preconceptions about rural life.

The Men With Strong Arms
Dedicated to the working class Men of the Industrial Revolution.

Precious Times
About those special moments of our youth when we had not a care in the World.

Two Tins of Biscuits
Written about a street dweller I met in London who was an ex-Marine

Ain't You got it all
A stab at the big Bankers, the Banking Crisis and greed in general.

Sing a Song of Sixpence
My take on the traditional Nursery Rhyme with some interesting additional lyrics

Late Walk Home
My memories of walking home late when I was a child and the fears we carry into adulthood.

A song of lost Love and lost Sleep, two things I believe go hand in hand.

600,000 Hours
Song about a long lasting relationship, inspired by my Parents.

Along with Others
An anti-war song about those left behind during the two great wars and those who returned never to be the same.