Ain’t you got it All

Ain't you got it all
Standing very tall
You think you're the very best
Ain't you got it all
In your shiny suit
And your shiny shoes
A swanky dandy attitude
Ain't you got it all

Some believe that we're all equal
I don't see how that can be
Spread between so many people
Luck don't land evenly
Ain't you got it all

I see nothing special
When I look at you
You ain't no Einstein
You got nothing new
You just got some luck
With your Daddies wealth
More than most can ever hope
That's what made yourself

I don't hate your guts
I ain't got tim for that
I just wish you'd fad e away
Crawl back under your mat
'Cause you don't contribute
Anything of note
All you do is ridicule
Those outside your moat