Precious Times

It ain't easy running in long grass
Swimming is an even harder task
But I think that's what we should try
Lying here beneath a lovers sky
Do you think that anyone can see us
Do you think that anyone will care
Lets take our clothes off and make love
That's my little itty bitty dare

Finding faces hidden in the clouds
If you see one point and shout aloud
She gets to seven and I to six
So I invent a Man who don't exist
Tell her he's an old explorer
I'm amazed she hasn't heard his name
Then she finds someone I'd not heard of
So I steal a kiss and it's her game

Wasn't that a time my dear
You and I with no one near
I recall it oh so clear
Precious times
Precious times
There's a crystal stream where we can swim
Cold water chills our breath as we jump in
Laughing between our gasps for air
Floating on our backs to sky we stare
I take her in my shaking arms
Take a deep breath don't be alarmed
And sink with me beneath the glassy surface
Shut your eyes pretend that we're in space

Soon we will be buzzing like the bee's
Innocence and youth left in the trees
Running round in all kinds of directions
Networking and making our connections
Years we'll spend on our new careers
Pitched against imaginary fears

So lets take our clothes off and make love

While the grass is still green 'round our ears