I'm a Spy (Harry Palmer)

A fun song Inspired by the Harry Palmer movies starring Michael Caine
I'm a spy and I lie
I was trained on the farm
With a smile I can pile
On all the old charm
With a dose of deceit
My disguise is complete
In a Trilby and a Tosh
I'll take on the old Boche

I'm a spy with an eye on the past
I'm a spy at the top of my class

I'm a spy who will pry
Into all you deny
No stone left unturned
No cross left unburned
I'm a spy by the way
We're the same you and me

It's rather cold for a war
Not as hot as before
When the wall wasn't there
And the Allies chose to share
All the spoils they had won
But distrust had begun
Long before ink was dry
On the paper at Versailles

I've a pellet in my brolly
Laced with poison made from Ivy
When we pass on the bridge
In your thigh it will lodge
And you'll die in the gloom
Of a spy's lonely room
Just a story on the news
Full of lies and half truths