Precious Times
About those special moments of our youth when we had not a care in the World and everything was an exciting adventure.
My Bread and Wine
A song about sex and food.
Late Walk Home
My memories of walking home late at night when I was a child and the fears we carry into adulthood.
The Men With Strong Arms
An Ode to the working class men who worked and died in the factories of the Industrial Revolution. And yes I know Women did too, but that's another song.
600,000 Hours
A celebration of long lasting loving relationships, inspired by my parents who were together for over sixty years.
Winter's Here
A lament to the onset of Winter.
Little You Little Me
A reflection on the life and luck of ordinary folk.
Sing a Song of Sixpence
My take on the classic English nursery rhyme with some of my own words added.
Two Tins of Biscuits
Written about a street dweller begging in South London who was an ex-Marine. He fought in the Falklands War, had returned mentally damaged and had lost everything. He sat on a blanket with his dog, a collection of biscuit tins and beer cans. I gave him a pound, it seemed a pittance to pay for his story.
A song of lost love and lost sleep, two things I have found go hand in hand.
I'm a Spy (Harry Palmer)
A fun song Inspired by the Harry Palmer movies starring Michael Caine
Sunshine Street
Inspired by the street and village I grew up in and, our preconceptions about rural life.
Ain't You got it all
A stab at the big Bankers, those who inherited vaste tracks of land and want it for themselves and, greed in general.
So I say goodbye to you
A haunting song I wrote after seeing a photograph and reading the tragic story of a young Mexican man. His family had been killed in drug feuds and after his father passed away he committed suicide on his grave, having decided he had nothing more to live for.