My Bread and Wine

Song about sex and food
I eat you up you spit me out
A two course lunch will do for now
Then later on in fading light
We can indulge our appetite
For the finest food that we both crave
The finest wine to wash away
The taste of salt the smell of sweat
That lovers dew that leaves us wet

Starter main course and dessert
I'm your waiter ready to serve
When it's time for me to dine
You will be your bread and wine
My bread and wine
I suffer famine when we're apart
I get starvation in my heart
I salivate before we feast
My dreams are but an aperitif
I could eat you all if so required
I like you rare with source desire
As for topping I'll go for spice
A little cream is always nice

A midnight snack before we sleep
A lack of protein could leave us weak
So let's not wait for hunger pangs
I'll use my tongue you use your fangs
When we awake at breakfast time
Let's fry some eggs eat the bacon rind
We'll start the day satiated
Before life gets complicated
Lead Vocals, Guitar & other stuff - Jon London
Drums and backing vox - Paul Gunter
Bass and backing vox - Andy McCabe