Winter's Here

A lament to the onset of Winter.
Now winter's taking hold
I feel so cold
Ice runs through my veins
Curl my toes up against the pain
My fingers tingle
And a shiver hunts me down
My footsteps quicken
Stamp my feet hard upon the ground

Winter's Here
The season to fear
Winter's here
Tread carefully my dear
Carefully my dear
My breath it hangs like candy-floss
Solid in the cold
My ears are numbed by Mr Jack Frost
Who walks beside me down this road
A veil's been drawn before me
Across this land bleached white bare
Where summer fields once grew around me
Now winters desert is set fair

Snow sparkles like a diamond blanket
Whose wealth will melt away
But for now it hides all colours
A monochrome December day
Crisp air cleansed by freezing
Long shadows from shallow sun
Ploughed hard soil lies corrugated
Beneath the ice cold rivers run